Monday, March 14, 2011

Move in date is now set- April 1st ( April Fools Day ;-) - for real or not? FOR REAL!

Progress continues to be made at our house. Since the last update, there are a few things that have been completed or at least progress is still being made on. 
Last Saturday (March 5th) we had a big moving party (all volunteers from our church) to empty the contents of the basement and garage at the rental house and bring it over to our new house so that the "official" moving day (March 26th) won't be so overwhelming. Lot's of "stuff" to go through (and probably a lot to get rid - but for now, it just had to be brought over and put down in the basement) We're on a very tight timeline and "stuff" just has to get done quickly at this point.  Now we just have the contents of the main floor of the rental house to move (and a few other things) to bring back to our house, the end of March - when we MOVE OUT OF THE RENTAL. (YIPPPEEEE- And WON'T have to deal with the RUDE, SNOTTY LANDLORDS ever again) We had so many volunteers (men, women, and youth) IT WAS SUCH A HUGE HELP AND GREATLY APPRECIATED.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! :-)
Painting of the walls and ceilings is complete inside the house. The only painting that remains to be completed is in the garage as well as the doors and trim.
The siding guy has really messed us up time wise (as well as all the rain that we've had) he hasn't shown up for the past 10 days (maybe one day in that 10 day period) so we are behind with the siding. BUT I hear that he is at the house today ( I WILL DRIVE BY TO SEE FOR MYSELF :-) So hopefully the rains stay away this week and he can get finished with ALL of the siding by Wednesday (Thursday the latest).
The tile for the "living space" has been delivered (on Sat 3/12) and will start to be installed on Wed.  :-)  SO EXCITED!
On Friday March 4th the new pole and Electric line was installed (evidently an unheard of event that both happen in the same day - must have been all of Chris's "patient" phone calls to the Electric company- or the lady got sick of all the phone calls and messages that he was leaving ;-) SO NOW WE HAVE ELECTRIC running into the house (not the temporary service that we had)
This Wednesday the water line from the street to the house will be installed. Then we'll have running water and electric.  YIIPPPPPEEEE! :-)
The trim and doors will be delivered on Tuesday and on Wed it will start to be installed.
Permanent stairs were installed this past Sat (3/12/11). Attic stairs were also installed. Temporary stairs were put up out the back sliding doors (to get a C of O you have to have either stairs up or the door blocked up at all entrances and exits)
The final coats of the hardwood floors will be done some time the end of next week (after the tile is completed)
The Kitchen cabinets are being delivered on Monday (3/21/11)  :-) and will be installed that week also.
Kitchen appliances arrive on Monday March 28th  :-) and will also be installed that week.
Final Electrical and plumbing work to be completed by March 30th.
Can't wait to BE BACK HOME. Can't wait to have you OVER FOR DINNER. :-)
That's it for now. I'll post some current pictures soon.
Till next time. :-)  Probably after we get back into the house.  PUNCH LIST TIME. ;-)

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  1. Wow It is finally getting there!! Good for you all!!! <3