Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Last week the demoliton continued. The Electric was disconnected. and a temp pole was installed. The gas was cut off at the street. We almost had some serious problems with PSE&G. But the long and the short of it was that the guy from PSE&G (who was TICKED OFF- and ready to slap us with a fine for not calling before we started ANY demolition), in conversing with Chris, discovered that they went to the same High School and graduated a few yrs after him. So he then softened his tone a little and said that he wouldn't charge us what he was going to. phew. ;-) It pays to have gone to PVHS. ;-) PLUS, we had another problem with the machine operator. He pushed through some of our foundation wall (in a few places- aarrggghhhhh :-( Now we have to repair /fix or replace. Not an expense we were looking forward to.:-( Chris spoke to the operator and he said that ---- happens. And Chris said yeah well not like this. SO he is going to work with us and help us clean it up and fix it at his expense. So that was good.
Then on Thursday (June 17th) Wolfe's House Lifters came out to the house and RAISED it aprox. 25". It was a pretty interesting process to watch. They first worked on prying the wood(sill) by hand and a type of crowbar away from the cap of the foundation wall. Then they cut some holes in the walls and inserted 3-4 LONG steel beams all the way through the house to the other side for support. THey then proceeded to build cribbage's (I believe 6 in all) down in the basement. (You'll see what I am talking about in the pictures that I am posting. After they were finished building those, they inserted jacks in the middle of the cribbage and hooked up air hoses to the jacks and turned on a huge compressor and began lifting the house off the foundation COOL AS. :-)
Now hopefully this week the progress will continue with the Mason showing up and start to build the foundation walls. I'LL KEEP YOU POSTED :-)

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