Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shingles are now on the house.

Last Friday and Saturday (Sept. 24th & 25th 2010) the shingles were put on the roof. :-)

         Front View- Porch, Front Door, Window in Living Room

 Front view (on an angle) Looking at window in Master Bedroom.
 West side of house. Side window in Master Bdrm. 2 Windows in middle Bdrm. (Andrea's Room)
 Rear View--Far Left window (McKayla's Room) Next window, Bathroom, Next window, Laurndry Room. Next 4 windows plus boxed in area (fireplace) is Family Room. Peak with 3 windows is Sunroom.
 Northeast side of house. Sunroom (3 windows plus large opening) Kitchen door and windows. Large window and skylight is grandma's room.

 East side of the house are 3 windows for grandma's room. And 2 windows for the garage. And below ground is a door and 3 large windows for basement bdrm. (with natural sunlight :-)
And that's all for now folks.    ENJOY!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Continuation of Renovation Progress

 Sheeting starting to go up. :-) And roof starting to be framed. Framing took a total of 6 days.  (9/16 - 9/22, minus Sunday- no working on Sunday's )  WOW.  It was so fun and nice to see it go up so quickly. And the framers that we had were soooo nice and they worked so well together. There were 9 of them and they worked in pairs and banged this house up like no other. It was amazing.

                                       (Picture below- Small 3rd  Garage)

        Picture below- East side of the house- garage windows
 Framed section- Grandma's quarters. Below, (Concrete section) Tanya's room. Walk out basement. Door and 2 windows. Black Tube thing, outdoor french drain.
                            Back side of the house- family room
 Back of house view- McKayla's room on left. And Laundry room where the ladder is. To the right of the ladder is the family room.
 West side of the house view- 3 bdrms. Mick's, Drea's and Master Bdrm
                                 Main Beam up and ready
 Front view. Master Bdrm on the right side. And front porch and front door.
                         Front of house view-Master Bdrm window-
                                       Back of house View
                                      Back of House view
 Front of house view. 2 car garage. plus single car garage/work space for Chris

                                 Front Porch. Front Door
                    Grandma's room. Windows not cut out yet.
                      Looking into the Sun Room/porch from Kitchen area
                Living Room- with a Make shift drawing board/table for the framers to view the drawings of the house.
            Chris checking out the workmanship ;-)- not really, he just didn't have any paper to write on and he was trying to figure out some dimensions.

Living room and view of the front door.

I'm Finally BACK with a Renovation PROGRESS update

Sorry I haven't updated our renovation blog in months. It's been a crazy, busy summer for us. (McKayla's 8th grade Graduation, Our newest Grandbaby was born, traveling (driving) back and forth across the country, Friends and family visiting from out of town (from Denmark, Maine & Idaho) And now my summer is gone, Fall is here and the craziness just doesn't seem to stop. Anyway, enough of the excuses. On to more important things. Some SIGNIFICANT PROGRESS has finally been made on our house renovation. I won't bore you woth ALL of the details, just the main thing, THE HOUSE IS COMPLETELY FRAMED AND AS OF TODAY, THE ROOF IS COMPLETELY SHINGLED. WHOOOOO HOOOOOOO :-) SO INSTEAD OF BORING YOU WITH WRITTEN DETAILS, I WOULD PREFER JUST POSTING PICTURES OF THE PROGRESS. I BELEIVE THEY WILL BE (ALMOST) SELF EXPLANITORY. Thanks for your patience and support. And thank you to my wonderful husband for all his HARD WORK! :-)