Saturday, September 25, 2010

Continuation of Renovation Progress

 Sheeting starting to go up. :-) And roof starting to be framed. Framing took a total of 6 days.  (9/16 - 9/22, minus Sunday- no working on Sunday's )  WOW.  It was so fun and nice to see it go up so quickly. And the framers that we had were soooo nice and they worked so well together. There were 9 of them and they worked in pairs and banged this house up like no other. It was amazing.

                                       (Picture below- Small 3rd  Garage)

        Picture below- East side of the house- garage windows
 Framed section- Grandma's quarters. Below, (Concrete section) Tanya's room. Walk out basement. Door and 2 windows. Black Tube thing, outdoor french drain.
                            Back side of the house- family room
 Back of house view- McKayla's room on left. And Laundry room where the ladder is. To the right of the ladder is the family room.
 West side of the house view- 3 bdrms. Mick's, Drea's and Master Bdrm
                                 Main Beam up and ready
 Front view. Master Bdrm on the right side. And front porch and front door.
                         Front of house view-Master Bdrm window-
                                       Back of house View
                                      Back of House view
 Front of house view. 2 car garage. plus single car garage/work space for Chris

                                 Front Porch. Front Door
                    Grandma's room. Windows not cut out yet.
                      Looking into the Sun Room/porch from Kitchen area
                Living Room- with a Make shift drawing board/table for the framers to view the drawings of the house.
            Chris checking out the workmanship ;-)- not really, he just didn't have any paper to write on and he was trying to figure out some dimensions.

Living room and view of the front door.

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  1. AWESOME!!!!!!! Its gonna be so cool when it is done!! Can't wait to see it!!!!