Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shingles are now on the house.

Last Friday and Saturday (Sept. 24th & 25th 2010) the shingles were put on the roof. :-)

         Front View- Porch, Front Door, Window in Living Room

 Front view (on an angle) Looking at window in Master Bedroom.
 West side of house. Side window in Master Bdrm. 2 Windows in middle Bdrm. (Andrea's Room)
 Rear View--Far Left window (McKayla's Room) Next window, Bathroom, Next window, Laurndry Room. Next 4 windows plus boxed in area (fireplace) is Family Room. Peak with 3 windows is Sunroom.
 Northeast side of house. Sunroom (3 windows plus large opening) Kitchen door and windows. Large window and skylight is grandma's room.

 East side of the house are 3 windows for grandma's room. And 2 windows for the garage. And below ground is a door and 3 large windows for basement bdrm. (with natural sunlight :-)
And that's all for now folks.    ENJOY!

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  1. Hi Laura, you're house looks like it's going to be awesome. I entered you into the drawing! So good luck. One thing though :) can you move your button to the side bar so people can see it? If you need help let us know :) GOOD LUCK :) and Thanks again!